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Tommy Caldwell

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About Me

My name is Tommy Caldwell and I am the Founder of Hybrid Fitness, the Author of the Bestselling Book, Heavy Brain, and the Creator of the MetFlex-Rx Diet. I have been working inside the health and fitness industry as a coach, leader, and mentor for almost 20 years.

Why You Should Join Me

This community is where I will house my most forward thinking ideas, courses, and other high value content. You will be surrounded my a group of like-minded people who are interested in increasing performance in all areas of life- not just inside of the body. You are the product of those people who you spend the most time with each day. Are you getting better by being on Facebook, Instagram, or some other reactive social platform? Join us here and your life will improve.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to everyone who has been a member of my gym, my community, or my team. I do what I do and have the dedication that I have because of your support. I will never stop because of those who are counting on me.

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